Bad Weather Alert

With icy roads and road conditions worsening, we put together a few tips for you to follow:

1. Winter Tires are a must on snow, icy or wet road conditions. Make sure you have enough air pressure in the tires. Underinflated tires offer less traction, can reduce fuel mileage, can wear out the tire prematurely and cause irreparable damage that compromises your safety on the road.

2. Use a quarter to measure tread depth in your tires. Tires with more tread depth offer additional traction to keep a grip on the road. This helps for driving through sleet, slush, and snow, reduce hydroplaning and helps prevent accidents.

3. Keep your distance from other vehicles.Following the 2 seconds rule is often recommended while driving. If you’re driving 2 seconds behind a vehicle driving at 30 mph, and four seconds at 60 mph, those times should be doubled in wet conditions and tripled for snow.

4. Drive smoothly and brake as gentle as if you had hot coffee in your hand. Slamming on your breaks can make your car skid and lose control.

5. Your car must be completely clear of snow. Being a “peephole” driver is a big cause of accidents in dangerous conditions. Clear off snow from windows, mirrors, and roof before you drive off.