IT-Talents Day


MIRASCON ( is an Insurance Agency with customers in many countries. So of course the use and development of modern and high-performance IT systems are of vital importance.

Therefore, at the end of last year, MIRASCON announced a scholarship through the web-platform “IT-Talents”. We appealed to talented and interesting young people to participate in the selection process for obtaining the scholarship, as well as to discuss possibilities of future cooperation.

After a preselection process we invited 4 talents to visit MIRASCON in Cologne on February 11th to get to know each other. The results and contributions of all present IT talents were so successful that we are pleased to continue intensive contact and active cooperation with all of the participants.

They were all great, but in the end we had to decide on one winner. Congratulations to Sabrina M. for your 1 year scholarship!

We would like to thank the team of “IT-Talents” for the creation of a wonderful platform, which gave us the possibility to get in contact with those gifted and interesting young talents!