Home Safety

Your home is a place of refuge, a place that makes you feel safe and at ease. To protect this feeling, your house and everything that is inside, we made a list of a few simple tips and tricks to immediately increase your safety.

1. Know your neighbours

Take the time to meet and engage with people living in your street and encourage them to watch out for and report any suspicious activity around your house. Offer to do the same thing for them.


2. Hiding keys

Avoid leaving spare keys outside under a flowerpot or under a welcome mat as thieves know most of the potential hiding places.


3. The right lighting

Lighting can create the right ambiance inside your home, but exterior lighting can make the difference whether your home is being targeted by thieves. Motion-sensitive fixtures can help add security and provide light when needed. Also consider using automatic timers which can be remote-controlled to turn lights on and off in various parts of the house to help make it seem like you are home when in fact you’re not.

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