Driving Tips

Most of us would probably rather be thinking worrying about their next trip to the beach than driving in rainy, foggy weather. While we totally get that, we still want to give you some tips for driving under those conditions – so you have more time to plan your next summer.

– Use your regular headlights or fog lights, not the high beams. High beams will actually worsen your visibility when it’s foggy out. Only use your fog lights in extremely foggy areas, the rule of thumb is use the fog lights only if you cannot see two or more reflecting road markers.

– Slow down. Keep an eye on your speedometer to regulate your speed, as the fog can impair your perception of speed. You also won’t be able to stop as quickly when the roads are wet, so adjust your distance to other drivers accordingly.

– There’s a natural tendency to wander into the middle of the road when visibility gets bad, so use the white line on the right side of the road as your guide.

– Use your headlights when driving in bad weather during the day. It not only helps you see other drivers, but also helps them see you.

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