Car Technologies

It’s that time of the year again – It’s back to school season.

This is a busy time for the entire family and we’re happy for all the help we can get between running errands for the kids and the approaching holiday season.

Here are some of our favorite car technologies that help us be a little less stressed while we’re on the road.

What is your favorite feature?

1. Air conditioning
This feature may have been around for a long time, but that doesn’t make it less awesome. No matter if it is a hot summer day or the freezing winter – this technology makes bad traffic much more bearable!

2. Navigation
The fist GPS units were incredibly slow and inaccurate, but they have come a long way! And even if they still make mistakes sometimes, they’ll certainly get you out of asking for directions, or even worse – looking at a map 😉

3. Backup cameras and parking sensors
Remember when, to see what’s behind you, you actually had to turn and look? We still think that is a good idea, but with these technologies, you technically wouldn’t have to.

4. Keyless entry and push-button start
Old-school car keys are going out of fashion like perms. These features allow drivers to open car doors while carrying heavy bags or children

5. Wifi
Built-in Wi-Fi hotspots allow drivers to stay connected, no matter where they are on the road. While we strongly advice you not to use your smartphone or tablet while you drive, this may come in handy for the person sitting in the passenger seat or the driver who doesn’t have any high-speed left when the GPS needs to reload after a wrong turn in the middle of nowhere –  we’ve all been there

6. Automatic Liftgates
If your hands are full of grocery bags in the pouring rain, this one is a life saver! While the first models required Taekwondo skills, the new versions recognize your key fob when you walk up to your vehicle.

7. Massaging seats
Sitting in a car for a long period can become fairly uncomfortable. This technology is admittedly a little bit extravagant, but definitely comes in handy on a long road trip!

8. Adaptive Cruise Control
This is one of the more modern features. This technology holds the car at a steady speed until the driver intervenes and also speed up or slows down depending on the position of the cars in front to reduce fatigue on long drives.

9. Voice Recognition
When used properly, this is one of the most convenient features on this list, as well as one of the most advanced ones. This technology can get directions, draft and read texts, initiate calls, play songs, and search for local points of interest. This way the driver doesn’t have to type a single word and can keep his eyes on the road!

10. Electric Fast Charging
Long charging times made road trips in electric cars initially very impractical. Though the modern DC fast-charging systems still have a long way to go, especially regarding the price, they can recharge a battery to 80 percent capacity within 30 minutes, making a big step into the direction of practical electric cars.

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